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Chris Aldrich


Primary Website

For more information about me see my website. You can follow me on Twitter @chrisaldrich


I've been thinking about creating a wiki for a while, and finally got around to setting something up on 2019-03-24.

I was inspired to set this up by the article The Garden and the Stream: A Technopastoral by Mike Caulfield.

I'm using this as a supplement to my personal website to act as an extension of my online commonplace book.


I'm also looking at how one might implement a Luhmann-esque zettelkasten in MediaWiki.

Here's a start:


Some categories of content to explore:


Wiki to do

Some jumping off points for things I'd like to do in the wiki:

Pages to fix

Problems with the way that some category pages exist or do not:

Pages to file

See Also