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The coronavirus emergency/lockdown/panic continues apace.

Day two of Spring Break

Wiki fixes

  • My TiddlyWiki set up fixed itself overnight (finally
  • Fixed email address of administrator account
  • Made changes to allow uploading of images and files
  • Uploaded logo
  • Changed default logo to image
  • Created some categories
  • Put categories into sidebar to make finding content easier
  • Enabled category trees (the extension already existed)
  • Created first journal entry
    • Categories and pages created for Journal; annual journal; and Annual-Month journal
    • let's see where this goes after a bit
  • Created MediaWiki_customization page and added some additional customizations to the wiki
  • Got Webmention set up on the wiki

New pages


  • Light sprinkles in the morning. Generally chilly. Overcast most of the day.
  • 3:45 PM sun started to peek out a little (then rehid for most of the rest of the day)